The Power of Print

The last few years I have turned into a huge proponent of prints, both in my own home and with my clients.  After years of running a digital-only photography business, I discovered I wasn’t serving my clients in the best way and decided to learn all there was about professional quality products and how to design wall galleries and albums, aiming creating lasting memories that went beyond a USB stick that could easily be lost or forgotten about.  It ended up opening up a whole new world to me, resulting in happier clients, and a more fulfilling business!

Of course, I had to practice what I preach.  My home proudly displays a large majority of wall space covered by photographs of my three boys in various stages, utilizing several different styles of products (canvas, metal, frames, standout, etc).  By printing my own photographs, I was able to test out different labs and find my favorites so I knew best what to offer my clients!

A question I often ask my clients: what is it you want to DO with your photographs? Nobody ever answers “dump the files on my computer and never print them” but all too often that’s what happens. But still, many aren’t sure at first how to make their vision a reality. There may be a blank wall in their home they want to display their photographs on but they have no idea what size, what finish, or even where to start.  Without knowing truly how a particular size will look on the wall, how can you be sure this is the photo and size you want to print?

BUT GUESS WHAT… that’s EXACTLY where I come in to help! I also have an amazing program on my iPad that can create a “virtual” view of their actual walls right then and there– using real photos from their session! We are quickly able to swap out poses, try different layouts, and narrow down favorites right on the screen. Clients feel confident and excited, knowing their vision has just become a reality–and I do all the hard work for them, taking the hassle out of knowing what to order!

Seeing your photos in print is such a fulfilling experience!  I look forward to featuring more blog posts on some of the fun stories and ideas I’ve had over the last couple years about clients who have beautiful galleries in their home to display for years to come.  Some of my favorite things to design for clients are collages since they be swapped out over the years as a family grows!  This particular collage was specifically designed for a long wall in the client’s home, and it filled in the space perfectly!

What is your biggest hardship with printing your own photos?  If you are interested in learning more click the contact button above and get in touch.  I’d love to create a beautiful wall gallery for your family!

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  1. richardsjacob27 says:

    Prior to sending your photos to print, do you ever color calibrate your monitor?

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