The Return of the Hallock Main Street Clock

Last night at approximately 5 p.m. a well known Hallock fixture was unveiled and made its long awaited return after a several year hiatus.  In 1958, the Sjostrand Jewelry store originally purchased the clock from a traveling salesman for $285.  The clock ran nonstop for over 50 years until it was sold to an antique collector after the last business closed.  Many Hallock residents expressed they missed having the clock, as it had become such a familiar sight.

The building was vacant for several years and used as storage until this past year it was finally purchased and given a brand new life.  In just a few weeks, the Bean and Brush coffee shop will be opening in the first floor, while the second floor is already functioning as an Airbnb “The Scandinavia“.. as well as a studio space that I occasionally use for photo sessions!  Luckily, the antique collector, Mike Totleben who originally purchased the clock at an auction, lives in Hallock.  The Scandinavia purchased the clock back from him, and donated the money from the clock to the “Friday Night Live” program at the Nursing Home!  The clock was fully restored, set to the correct time and is back at its place on Main Street for years to come!  A crowd gathered in front of the building for the official unveiling, and Jim Sjostrand did the honors.

I took advantage of the beautiful evening and also photographed a few more shots around Main Street during “Blue Hour” which is when the sun is below the horizon and the indirect sunlight takes on a blue shade.  These were the perfect conditions for some incredible dusk photos.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Next door Revelation Ale Works was hopping as well!

It’s so wonderful to see so many cars and events going on again in our little town!

If you have any memories of the clock or the old Jewelry Store/Bank building please leave a comment!

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  1. Alicia Anderson says:

    How great is that! Beautiful images as always ❣️

  2. Trishymouse says:

    How *wonderful* to see life and true community coming back to Hallock’s downtown main streets again!! What amazing photos, Megan!

  3. Danette Swanson says:

    Amazing pictures — fun to see!! The story about the clock is awesome!! Best memory of the jewelry store was when I was in 10th grade (1968). Kathy Money and I went to the jewelry store to get our first pair of earrings — we went together to Dr. Martin’s office down the street and had our ears pierced for our birthdays that year. That was our excitement for the whole year! There were a few more trips to the jewelry store over the years either to buy a new trinket or Christmas presents, or get a watch or an heirloom piece of jewelry fixed. I inherited a beautiful antique necklace and bracelet from my mom but it needed repairs. I took a chance and took it to the jewelry store… they fixed it like new and I was so excited to be able to wear it! Thanks for great memories and always great service!!

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