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    I'm Megan Sugden--a farmer's wife, mama of two (with one more on the way!) and I've been a photographer for over ten years. I love capturing families, kids, weddings and LIFE! I strive to create gorgeous, colorful, vibrant, and unique images that showcase the beauty in every person I photograph. I'm thrilled to introduce my brand new blogsite where you can easily find everything you need to know in one place. Take a look around and stay awhile!

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Megan + Michael | 6.20.14

Megan and Micheal’s outdoor wedding day at the Myra Museum was threatened by rain in the forecast.  Luckily, it only sprinkled a few times, and by ceremony time the clouds had all rolled by and the sky was blue and the sun was shining!  They ended up with an absolutely beautiful day, and it continued on into the afternoon with their outdoor reception at Lincoln Park in Grand Forks, which was perfect because they had an evening planned with catered grilling and outdoor games for all of their guests!  Even their dog, Alice (who was also present at their engagement session last fall!) took part in the day and stole the show with her BIG doggie smiles!  Here are my favorites!

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Stephen + Lynn | 6.7.14

Originally Lynn contacted me to do some family photos, but over the course of our correspondence, the family session turned into a wedding ceremony!  She and Stephen decided it would be a great opportunity to tie the knot with their boys in attendance and make things official on what ended up being an absolutely gorgeous evening on a bridge at the golf course.  I was honored to be a part of this very small but special wedding (and even got to be an official witness and sign the marriage license!) and it was great to do a mix of formal wedding shots along with fun family photos.  Here are my favorites of the new happy family!

001 pynn 6-7-14002 pynn 6-15-14004 pynn 6-7-14008 pynn 6-7-14007 pynn 6-7-14006 pynn 6-15-14003 pynn 6-7-14005 pynn 6-7-14010 pynn 6-7-14009 pynn 6-7-14

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Springtime Sessions!

It’s been a busy spring already, and I’m enjoying as much of it as I possibly can!  It feels wonderful to be shooting outdoors again and the earth is just bursting with green, although we’ve definitely had our fair share of battles with the mosquitoes.  I think I have almost every kind of bug spray under the sun in stock and bring them to every session!  Once again I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blogging (I’m afraid this has been a pretty common occurrence since I had my kids and with another one on the way I’m going to just have to give myself some slack!) but I wanted to share recent favorites of some lovely outdoor sessions.  I’ve got plenty more coming up and I’m so happy to be continuing to shoot at my favorite place, right in my own backyard here at the farm!

027 anderson 5-31-14038 anderson 5-31-14 25027 anderson 5-31-14  copy031 anderson 5-31-14 4023 6-4-14023 6-4-14  copy051 6-4-14 2053 5-29-14033 5-29-14

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