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    I'm Megan Sugden--a farmer's wife, mama of three little boys, and I've been a photographer for over ten years. I love capturing families, kids, weddings and LIFE! I strive to create gorgeous, colorful, vibrant, and unique images that showcase the beauty in every person I photograph. I'm thrilled to introduce my brand new blogsite where you can easily find everything you need to know in one place. Take a look around and stay awhile!

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As some of you may recall, I “went viral” this past summer when my images of a spectacular Northern Lights display in June were shared by CBS news and subsequently shared all over the country.  For several days after, my Facebook page was flooded with likes and comments and people remarking on much they enjoyed the photos.  This sparked a brand new interest for me.  I started to realize that the Northern Lights were actually much more common in my area than I had originally thought.  Previously I only happened to catch them a couple times a year, snapping photos from outside my front door.  But in doing some research, studying solar storm forecasts, and finding ways to anticipate when the lights would be out ahead of time, I was better able to plan and execute specific shoots I had in mind.  I started venturing further and further out into the country, scoping out locations and contacting land owners for permission to photograph.  In fact, since June, I have gone out to photograph the lights more than 12 times, each adventure better than the last!  My interest has always been abandoned buildings, but these photographs allow me to give a new life to them, accented with the surreal glows of the auroras, star trails, and light painting.  I’ve been able to go beyond just capturing the Northern Lights on the horizon, but actually creating images of unique locations and subjects that turn them into works of art (at least I hope that’s how they come across!)  I have enjoyed sharing these images online as well as selling prints, which you can purchase these and more at my online print gallery page.  Here are some of my favorite night images taken around Kittson County from this past summer!IMG_9315000MeganSugdenPhotography BluecarMeganSugdenPhotography gallery 337IMG_931111222263_874727815933370_7598456162700788725_oUntitled55hgIMG_9328

101 9-20-15EE 045 8-15-15MOORE 001 9-20-1534It has been SO fun to do these pictures, and allows me to explore a different side of my photography by working at night and manipulating the light with long exposures and seeing what I can create with my camera.  This will definitely be an ongoing project, with photographs added as my adventures continue this fall and beyond.  Keep checking back for more and be sure to like my Megan Sugden Photography Facebook page to see current images as well as regular client work.  Also a reminder that you can see the entire collection and purchase prints HERE!

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My last blog update/post was back in JULY. That’s like, six months ago!! I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I also think I’ve had a pretty good reason for my absence. First and foremost, my 3rd little baby boy was born September 17th, 2014 and he is the light of our lives! Charlie James joins big brothers Wesley (4) and Jasper (2) so I think just knowing their ages and that they are, in fact, BOYS, you pretty much can understand where I’m coming from when I say I barely have time to take a shower most days, let alone keep up with my blogging! However, I still managed to shoot plenty of sessions last fall before my maternity leave, and I feel like I need to at least give you a PEEK at some of these fun shoots I did! If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll get more updates as it’s easier for me to pop on a sneak peek than sit down and work on a blog, so be sure you are “Liking” and following that to get the most up-to-date information. I feel like I have so much to say, yet sometimes the pictures can speak more than words. So, here’s just a sampling of some of my favorites from late summer and early fall…


I still managed to shoot well into my pregnancy, lugging my belly around in the heat and mosquitoes, photographing seniors, families, kids, babies and newborns. We were blessed with many gorgeous evenings, filled with lovely summer light and bright colors. The outdoor studio at our farm served as the backdrop for most of these sessions, which I am grateful for so I didn’t have to travel so much.


On September 17th, Charlie made his way into the world and we were so thrilled to add another little boy to our family! He was my easiest labor by far (only 5 hours of labor and 8 minutes of pushing and he was out!) but of course it was a wild ride once we were all home with big brothers running around! We all adjusted though, and I simply cannot imagine life without him in it! He is the perfect fit to our family.

9-29-14 FRONT



BIG_5313I am looking forward to the next year of my photography business. Truthfully, many things have changed over the past few years. Mostly I have found that being a mom is the most important job in the world, and with the growth of my family, things with my business naturally changed. I take on less sessions than I used to, I travel a lot less, and pick and choose what I can and can’t do within my abilities to put my kids first. However, I think I may have finally found as close to a “balance” as possible, doing what I can while raising three little boys and being there for them as much as I can at this point in their lives. They are only this little for a little while! That being said, I am still booking sessions and definitely excited for what the next year holds in all aspects of my life, though, both in business and family. I have a few wedding dates left and getting my calendar squared away for pictures once the weather warms up (and the studio is open now), so please feel free to send me a message if you are interested in getting on the schedule! Just click below on the pink text or find me on Facebook!


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Mark and Kylie had an absolutely gorgeous July afternoon for a wedding in Thief River Falls!  Not too hot, not to cold, and the rain held off until the very end of the day.  We had fun exploring a little bit around the church and reception areas looking for spots to take pictures.  I even had them trek across to an adjoining lot from the hotel with some woods to get some of my favorite shots.  This was also my second to last wedding before the end of the season and my maternity leave begins.  Lugging camera equipment around in addition to a pregnant belly is getting a little tougher but I still managed just fine.  Here are my favorites from the day!

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